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Charity Mkone -Clinical Psychologist

I am a Clinical Psychologist, providing psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and couples. My interventions are client centred in that they are geared towards meeting the needs and expectations of the client.

Beginning the journey to seek help from a psychologist is often an arduous and anxiety provoking journey, fraught with doubts, fears and a great deal of questions. This is a normal experience! The time to consider psychotherapy varies from person to person. It is generally particularly helpful when:

  • You have experienced a traumatic event/circumstance.
  • You are struggling with prolonged feelings of sadness and helplessness; struggling to get things done; finding yourself unable to concentrate or function as you used to.
  • Feeling an excessive amount of worry and anxiety; and find it difficult to see how things could get better.
  • Your actions toward others and/or yourself become harmful.
  • You find that you cannot manage your emotional difficulties without harmful ways of coping.
  • You struggle to find a way of life that leads to relationships, work, and social involvement that provide you with a sense of purpose and growth.
  • You are just curious about yourself, your thoughts and your experiences of life.
  • You want to explore your past, current, or future relationships to gain a better understanding of how you relate to others and to yourself.
  • You are seeking help with finding meaning and purpose in life and your place in the world.
My services cover the abovementioned areas, broadly. My interventions are collaborative; I have great respect for an individual’s agency and their readiness and willingness to undergo psychotherapy.